Haven House Inc. was organized to provide as comprehensive a service as possible to assist clients in living in a violence-free environment if possible. To do so, clients must know how to access all available support that exits in this county.

Besides addressing safety needs, Haven House provides the following:

  1. 24-hour hot line, 365 days a year, in which all crisis calls will be documented - 219.931.2090

  2. Crisis admissions and temporary shelter 24-hours a day, 365 days a year

  3. Crisis intervention

  4. Information and referral

  5. Bilingual services

  6. Immigration information

  7. Counseling services for residential and non-residential clients

  8. Support group services for residential and non-residential clients

  9. Rape recovery support for residential and non-residential rape victims, which are run primarily with volunteer rape advocates

  10. Community education and awareness

  11. Advocacy services for residential and non-residential rape victims

  12. Drug education and referral services for residential and non-residential clients

  13. Free clothing for clients and their children

  14. Free meals for residential clients and their children, with no requirement for clients to use their food stamps for the program

  15. Emergency transportation to the shelter for admission for residents of Lake County

  16. Transportation needed to accomplish service plan goals, i.e. housing during residency

  17. Court advocacy services, i.e. protective orders, restraining orders

  18. Employment resource service

  19. Parent/child resource center

Maximum length of stay for domestic violence victims for emergency shelter at Haven House is forty-five (45) days; however, if within that maximum length of time safe placement for the client and her family has not been made, the client and her dependents are offered an extension of time at Haven House until safe placement is confirmed.