Abuse is a Crime

If you are being abused, it is not your fault. You did nothing to deserve abuse. You can take steps to protect yourself and your children.

What is Domestic Violence?

Domestic violence is about power and control.

An Abuser ...

  • Threatens physical injury

  • Verbally abuses

  • Intimidates

  • Displays jealousy

  • Isolates you from your friends and family

  • Blames others

  • Threatens to take children away

  • Forces you to have sex

  • Controls your money

  • Destroys personal property

  • Will not take responsibility for abusive behavior

  • Insists you are crazy

Since 1981, Haven House has been helping domestic violence victims and their children. Our services are free and confidential.

The first concern at Haven House is to respond to a domestic crisis with safe emergency housing and the basic necessities.

Our goal is to find long-term solutions for each family by offering resources and referrals to agencies that can help establish independent living.

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You can help someone who is being abused. Click here to find out how.