You Can Help Someone Who is Being Abused.....

ACKNOWLEDGE that it is difficult to talk about domestic violence and that
nothing makes the violence OK.

FOCUS on her strength, that she is not to blame, that she deserves a life free of violence.

SHARE INFORMATION of help available to battered women and their children. Be willing to confront her with the physical and/or emotional
harm she and her children can suffer.

SUPPORT HER as a friend. Be a good listener, allowing her to make her own decisions, even if it means she isn't ready to leave the abusive relationship.

ASK if she has suffered physical or emotional harm. Go with her to the hospital or help her report assaults to the police, if she chooses.

HELP PLAN SAFE strategies, but never encourage her to take action that she believes will put her at further risk. And remember, she may not feel comfortable taking this material with her.

Tips for a Safety Plan

  • During an explosive incident, move to a room with easy access an exit - not a bathroom, kitchen, or anywhere near weapons.

  • Identify the quickest route out of your home and practice it.

  • Ask trusted neighbors to call police if they hear a disturbance.

  • Devise a code word to be used with your children, family, and friends when you need the police.

  • Think of how to best keep safe until help arrives.

If the situation is very dangerous, consider giving the abuser what he wants to calm him down. You have the right to keep yourself safe until you are out of danger.

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